This is a Scientific Method story, but takes place long before Catalysts.

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Hugh Reynolds is bored. And, okay, maybe a little bit lonely. His best friend’s out of town and it turns out that he doesn’t really have a reason to leave the house without her. When his mom mentions the new gym down the street, he figures, why not?

The cute guy at the gym flirts outrageously and says filthy things to him, the kinds of things Hugh finds arousing and doesn’t know why, so when Nick invites him home, he goes along. Maybe he’s never actually gone home with a guy he just met specifically to have sex with him, but Nick is cute, and promises pizza.

They share a bit more than pizza.

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NSFW. Warnings: contains wildebeests. (Not really.) (But kind of.) Also a gym steam room that doesn’t meet health codes, a totally non-romantic sexual encounter, and a lot of dirty talk.